About Our Jewellery

The vintage and pre-owned jewellery curated by Vintagecuff is carefully sourced from around the world, predominately from the USA and France. You are assured that only high quality pieces will make it to the Vintagecuff website.

You will find a range of vintage Necklaces, Bracelets, Cuffs, Earrings, Brooches and Rings; on occasion other accessory items may be offered. Brands include Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Monet, Sarah Coventry, Trifari, Florenza and more.

The title of each item forms part of the description. Unless otherwise stated it should be assumed that the jewellery listed is in "used" condition. On occasion there may be items that are "new old stock", meaning they are vintage in age but have never been sold to an end user to be worn. We will always air on the side of caution when it comes to classing the condition of an item to ensure complete customer satisfaction, this includes listing an item as "used" even if there are no signs of wear and we don't think the previous owner ever wore the item.

We understand that some collectors like their vintage and antique jewellery to maintain their natural patina; please note the following :

All jewellery pieces sold through DAVID JONES have been through a light cleaning process and clip earring backs have been wiped with an alcohol swab.

The jewellery sold through the Vintagecuff Website may undergo a light clean depending on the piece; all earrings, especially post backs will be wiped with an alcohol wipe prior to despatch. It is especially recommended that you clean any earrings for pierced ears with an anti-bacterial sterilising solution prior to use.

The jewellery sold through eBay has generally not been cleaned, with the exception of earring backs, again it is recommended that post earrings be cleaned with an anti-bacterial sterilising solution.

If you would like your item to be cleaned prior to despatch please do not hesitate to Contact Vintagecuff..

If there are any conditional issues including issues with plating, chipping, clasps, pins or any other fastenings, it will be listed if known.

Prices are determined through researching collectable jewels and is dependent on the designer, quality, condition, popularity, rarity and collectablity of the piece. As collectors know, the more vintage jewellery items that make up a set, the more valuable the set becomes.
All designer signed items are 100% guaranteed authentic; Vintagecuff will never knowingly list counterfeit items for sale, as this damages our reputation. If you are in doubt that an item you receive is authentic, please do not hesitate to Contact Vintagecuff.

Questions are always welcome about any of my items and more photos can be emailed on request.

If you are searching for a special vintage piece by a particular designer or from a particular vintage year, send through the information to Contact Vintagecuff and we will attempt to source it for you.

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