Top 5 Tips on How to Keep Your Jewellery Stored

Posted on 12 August 2016Tips Storage Jewellery

Jump on Pinterest or complete a Google search on jewellery storage ideas and you will find 1000's of inspirational, clever and sometimes quirky ideas on how to sort, store and display your jewels. Whilst I love to see jewellery on display like works of art, it is not always the best solution if you want to keep your prized jewels in the best condition they can be. Dust, heating and too much light can affect the condition of your jewellery.

So, if you are someone who has invested good money into your accessory collection (costume or fine), here are my top 5 storage solutions.

1. Easy View, Easy Access

Ok, so this is somewhat a dream of mine, to one day own a closet big enough to have glass topped drawers with loads of individual compartments where everything is displayed clearly and easily accessed. These days these are created as "islands" in the centre of your walk in closet; looks gorgeous when done right (think celebrity style closets) and makes life so much easier when it's time to accessorise. This option is available when customising your wardrobe/closet through some built-in specialists, or create your own by removing the top of existing drawers and replacing with glass (refer to image below with slim line drawers that are perfect for accessories). If you are going for the glass, keep in mind that high-lit areas may not be suitable for all jewellery types and can cause fading in stones and finish, so a standard topped drawer may be a better option for some jewels.

2. Well Sorted

If you are looking to adapt your existing storage to accommodate your jewellery, there is a large range of jewellery display trays and organisers available to help create compartments. Clear acrylic compartment trays may suit if you are going for a simple and clean design, this is an affordable option, however I would recommend lining the bases with a soft velvet fabric to protect your jewellery. A more luxe option, that is still affordable, would be velvet lined compartments. Australian based business, Display & More sell a large range of Display Trays that are fully lined in black velvet over a strong wooden frame. They also have a white Leatherette option. With a number of configurations available, these trays are a perfect way to customise your drawers to accommodate your collection in a practical, safe and visually appealing way.

If you donít have a very large jewellery collection, a traditional style Jewellery Box may work for you.

Click here to view a large range of Display Trays available at Display & More.

3. Keep it Contained, Keep it Original

For those who are collectors of jewellery you know that keeping pieces in their original boxes and/or pouches can be the best way to store your items and help maintain, and in some cases, increase their value. This is sure way to keep your items safe from damage (scratching, rubbing, etc). Storage of many boxes can be an issue; it is best to keep them in a drawer to avoid damage to outer packaging, or a locked Safe if the items are valuable. Wrapping the outer box in tissue paper can help protect them also.

If you have not received pieces in Original packaging, but like the idea of storing in individual boxes you can purchase your own gift boxes or pouches. Many department and budget stores sell these from about $2 each, but if you need a large number of them, I suggest going through a supplier like Display & More where bulk buy is available and very economical including luxury varieties in velvet.

The only down side to using individual boxes is that you canít see what is in each box (unless you buy the clear top options), so it may be worth labelling them if you have a large number as otherwise you spend all your time searching through to find the piece you are looking for. Perhaps even taking a photo of the piece and placing it on the outside of the box will save you time when you are getting ready.

One thing I will say with storing in this way is that you want to line the boxes with acid free tissue paper and you can also use this to wrap the items, particularly if you have more than one item in a box. Avoid some of the old fashioned cotton padding inserts that have a tendency to get caught in your prong set rhinestones.

4. On the Move

Similar to the glass case concept is the portable display case with glass lid that can sit on or in your dresser or drawers. These are available in a range of sizes and configurations and are also portable if the need arises. If you have limited space you have the option of stacking these.

Display Cases are available at Display & More.

5. Industrial Styling

If you like the idea of the jewellery trays but do not have a set of drawers to place them in, there are loads of drawer cabinets available on the market in a range of styles. Slim drawers work best for accessories and can be harder to find if not paying for customisation. Ikea sell a fantastic industrial style steel slim drawer filing cabinet, the 'Helmer' range, that can be very useful. I have personally owned one of these for years and have found it very accommodating for accessories. Either line the bases of the drawer with velvet (I simply cut some pieces of cardboard and lined them with black velvet) or use Jewellery Display Trays where you can stack them and make the most of your space (depending on the height of trays and the jewellery pieces).

Click here to view the Helmer Cabinet range.

If you prefer a more contemporary look, Ikea also have the 'Alex' cabinet range in various configurations. These drawers have an opening at the handle, so be cautious of dust.

Click here to view the Alex Cabinet range.

So there you have it, I hope I have given you some practical solutions for storing your jewellery safely. If you have any tips please leave a comment below.

If you are interested in viewing more storage ideas, including some stunning closets, I have just added a new board to my Pinterest page with Accessory Storage Ideas.

Thank you to Display & More for allowing me to share their products and the great service they have given me over the years! For their extensive range of jewellery products visit

Photo 1 : Courtesy of Diane Bergeron :

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