Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Vintage

Posted on 30 September 2016Tips How to Vintage Jewellery Style

1. It's that old saying...
"They don't make things like they used to!"

It's so true. The idea of "costume" jewellery was to give people the opportunity to purchase affordable jewellery that still possessed luxe qualities that would have people wondering "is it real or not"? These days so much of the costume jewellery available has a very cheap feel and look about it. Whilst there are some designers that pride themselves on quality finish, there are many companies failing to compare to the high-quality costume products of the 1940s – 1980s.

Whiting Davis & Co Hematite Bracelet

2. Set Yourself Apart from the Rest

Keeping up with the latest trends can be great and make you feel up to date and current, but you don't always want to just blend in with everyone else. Wearing Vintage is the perfect way of setting yourself apart from your friends, whether it's through accessories or clothing. It doesn't need to be head to toe, you are much better off choosing one or two pieces that create a unique and interesting look that will have your friends asking "where did you get that?" The chances of someone else having the same piece of vintage jewellery as you, is highly unlikely - unless they loved yours so much they went and sourced one for themselves; and that's a compliment in itself!

I've also seen some very creative ways to repurpose vintage jewels. From using pieces to embellish clothing, using Clip-on earrings and Brooches as Hair and Bag accessories and of course simply creating new pieces of jewellery with old ones, the possibilities are endless and again, you are creating that unique look that no one else will have.

Photo Credit: The Bouncy Ponytail
This is a beautiful example of using Brooch/Pins and Clip Earrings as hair accessories. Blogger, January of The Bouncy Ponytail has written a fantastic blog on Vintage with many examples of creative ways to accessorise with vintage jewellery; click here to check it out.

3. Let's Talk Value

Many people choose vintage due to its affordability. You can pick up real bargains, high-quality pieces that are far more affordable than the modern trends; pieces that will last a life time. I would much rather invest $30 on a high-quality classic vintage piece than a piece from one of those cheap costume jewellery specialty stores that will be out of date by next season (if it doesn't fall apart before then).

MONET "Cordelia" Brooch Currently on SALE for $30!
Click here to view.

Photo Credit : George Santoni.
The 1960's "Cordelia" Brooch by MONET was used for an Editorial shoot for Harpers Bazaar. Click here to purchase the Cordelia Brooch/Pin.

You can also get lucky and find some designer costume jewellery that has the power to maintain or increase in its value over time. Some collectable vintage pieces are fetching high dollars; make sure you do your homework before investing big dollars.

And of course "value" doesn't necessarily have to mean $$, there are also vintage pieces with "sentimental value" and nostalgic memories. There is always something special about wearing a piece that means something to you, whether it is a piece you have found at a special time in your life or given/inherited to you from someone special, nothing can replace that feeling you get when you wear it.

AVON 1974 "Queens Ransom" Treasure Chest Necklace

As soon as I saw this Monet Ad with Lauren Hutton wearing the 1971 Shandelle Collar Necklace (pictured left), I knew I had to own one (just like many of the Monet statement pieces of the 60s and 70s). I did find one and later sold it on to a new owner. That is the other advantage of popular vintage jewellery, you will never have any trouble on-selling it when you want to have a change.

4. What Goes Around Comes Around

All the best trends live to see another day. Take those Groovy 70s fashions that made a come-back last year. There was something so cool about hunting for authentic vintage 70s pieces to fit the current trend, knowing you had the real deal and not some remake item. You dig it?

GIVENCHY 1978 Art Deco Brooch

5. The History can be a Mystery

Vintage pieces that you inherit usually have a known history behind them, however, others that you stumble across in markets and second hand stores may have an air of mystery surrounding them. Some people enjoy researching the history behind pieces, their makers and previous owners; whilst others may conjure up their own history using their vivid imaginations. Whatever the case, there can be something quite magical and romantic about the life behind a piece of jewellery.

Another Monet piece I just had to have was this 1937 bevel set cabochon stone Brooch/Pin and matching wide Bracelet (above). This then led to a later purchase of the single strand bracelets and an Dress Clip with similar stones. I do not know anything about the ownership of these pieces as they were purchased through dealers, but just the fact that they were a product of the 1930's creates intrigue for me.

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