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From fashion shoots to store launches and of course those amazing Editorial Shoots, Stylist, Barbie Payton, is doing it all right now.

I first met Barbie a couple of years ago, not long after she had taken over ownership and Management of the amazing e-Boutique Store, Style Palace. Since then, Iíve watched as she has used her spirit and determination to establish herself in the fashion industry.

From attending Sydney Fashion Week to judging Fashions on the Field on Race Day, Barbie knows how important it is to stay in tune with trends whilst being true to your fashion self. I caught up with her to gain some insight to her world and of course get some tips on her wardrobe must-haves.

You are a huge advocate for Aussie designers, was it conscious decision to dedicate your online Boutique store, Style Palace, to Australian fashion?

Yes, Style Palace is all about Australian Designers, apart from one recent edition of Kowtow clothing which is based in New Zealand. I truly believe the general public overlook some of our designers for the more popular overseas brands. Style Palace was created to showcase how amazing and talented our home grown designers are. We donít need to go overseas anymore to source quality, innovative designs when we have them right here on our front doorstep.The Fashion Industry in general is a very tough market. We need to be supporting the designers here to keep the industry alive and in turn keep our talent in Australia.

Who is the next up and coming Aussie fashion designer that you are most excited about?

Ooh, thatís a tough one but Iím really excited about SIG (So it Goes) the label. Head designer Kate, has years of Australian Fashion experience designing for labels such as Keepsake and she has finally launched her own brand. I would describe her designs as Edgy, simple, yet sophisticated. Lots of clean lines with a modern twist. I could wear her designs all day!

What led you into Fashion Styling?

After High School, I studied Interior Design and Decorating which eventually fuelled my passion for Clothing. I found that Interiors and Fashion Styling went hand in hand. Exactly the same concepts apply in creating a story and evoking emotion in either the wearer, the feel of the home or my favourite, Editorial. The buzz I get from a vision coming to life is almost indescribable.

@jasminyoung Photographer @jesscollinsphotography Hair and Make up @amelialivingstone Styling @barbiepayton_stylist Jas wears @by_johnny

How would you describe your signature look?

Iím definitely all about comfort and simplicity. A simple shirt dress or white tee and ripped jeans is me to a T. I then accessorise around my mood for the day to create a little bit of interest.

What is your favourite trend this season?

Iím loving that Winter doesnít have to be all about dark and moody colours. White on white on white is fabulous and sure brightens up a cold winterís morning. Layering different textures and fabrics is perfect when only using one colour. White is great on any skin colour and a pop of colour in your makeup will lift the outfit to a new level.

What is the most treasured item in your accessory wardrobe?

I had a family crest made out of silver designed for my wedding. I often put it on my necklace or wear it on a piece of silk cord around my wrist. Just reminds me of our special day.

What tips can you offer when it comes to accessorising?

Keep it simple by either choosing one statement piece or layer with fine jewellery. Don't over-do it and stay true to your style. No one wants to look like a Pirate dripping in jewellery, unless of course you are going to a fancy dress party, Haha!

All black and white photos in this article were from a recent shoot published in My City Life : Model - Phoebe Phillips; Photography - Michael Greves, Make-up - Madeline Smith, Designers- Suzii K , Serpent and the Swan, Vintagecuff Jewellery and Anna King bag, Styling - Barbie Payton

What are your 3 wardrobe must haves?

A good pair of Jeans you can keep for years, a Boyfriend Blazer and basic tees in White, Grey and Black

If you had a time machine what fashion era would you like to travel to and why?

Definitely the 50s and 60s. I have these beautiful photos of my mother when she was in her early 20's and she looked incredible in gorgeous A-line dresses accessorised with Gloves and hats. Hollywood Glamour at its best!

I love that you are not afraid to mix the old with the new. What tips do you have for those wanting to achieve a fresh look?

Gone are the days where an era of Fashion was really obvious by say Big hair in the 80s or Flares in the 70s. Over the past few years we have really seen a shift to "anything goes". It's about taking staple pieces and turning the look into your own. I am still raiding my motherís wardrobe from items she has kept from the 80s and 90s and they are just as fashionable now as they were back then.

Photography @jesscollinsphotography Make up @amelialivingstone Styling @barbiepayton_stylist Jas wears @decjuba cardigan Stylists own jewellery and retro skirt

How do you stay current on all aspects of the field?

Social media is a big influence. I would probably say, following a few key accounts on Instagram is the best way to keep on top of what is happening right now, literally!

You have experience in styling for various occasions and fashion photo shoots including some recent Editorial shoots, what is your favourite form of styling and why?

Absolutely love Editorial. Most of the time I am putting together a story where you can be as creative as possible. There is nothing quite like seeing your name in print with the amazing work that you have produced after weeks, even months of preparation.

What celebrity would you most like to style and why?

Jennifer Lawrence would be high up on the list. I love how natural she and is; body confident, yet always looks effortlessly chic.

What trend would you like to see gone?

Bodycon dresses. There is very little style to them and most of the time, not many can get away with the look and try and fit into the wrong size dress. Iím hoping itís just a fad!

What fashion item would you most like to splurge on right now?

A pair of Sophia Webster Heels.

Thanks so much for your time Barbie, fantastic insight and tips. Can't wait to see your next production. xo

Barbie Payton Contact Information

Barbie Payton is contactable via her Facebook Page - Barbie Payton Stylist.

OR via the Style Palace website : including a Live Chat advice line - love it!

Photo's courtesy of Barbie Payton.

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