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We've all done it, sacrificed our comfort for fashion, and let's face it, the Clip On Earring has a bad rap.

Last week I experienced it all. Day 1, too tight. 6 hours into wearing one of my favourite pair of Clip Earrings, I had broken through the "these are sooooo painful, why do I wear them" stage and into the "my ears are now numb and I can't feel a thing" stage. For those trying to relate, it's just like squeezing your feet into a pair of killer pointy Stiletto's and suffering all day or night with them.

Day 2, too loose. After the third time of them falling off, I gave up and put them in my purse.

Day 3, just right! Secure, but not too tight, did not hurt at all, did not fall off once, perfect.

So why do we do put ourselves through this? Well, for me, I can't wear post earrings, so it's my only option. And for those who love wearing designer vintage earrings and Post back earrings were not released until the 1970s.

After researching this week I discovered that we do not have to suffer through the pain for the sake of fashion, there are options for managing this age old problem.

Top Tips for Finding or Transforming Comfortable Clip Back Earrings

1. It's About "Fit"

Find the style of Clip that suits YOU. When it comes to Clip backs it tends to be a personal choice, as "one size" does not fit all. The length and fullness of your lobe can make a difference to the fit, particularly when it comes to the traditional Paddle or Spoon back style, as short lobes may not have enough to clip to (although I have seen this style clip in a mini version for smaller earrings). The style of earring also comes into play (read my Blog Article - How to Flatter Your Face with the Right Earring).

Traditional Spring Paddle Back

Traditional Spring Spoon Back

2. Go For "Comfort"

There's a design of clip back that has been around since the 1940s that are commonly referred to as the "Comfort Clip". Set with a friction lever back, design house MONET patented them with a number of variations released over the years. They ARE comfortable. I do find when I'm wearing this style, I have a tendency to constantly squeeze them that little bit tighter to ensure they are not loosening as the day progresses; they are still my go-to Clip and with so many earring styles released over the years (by Monet and sister companies) you are sure to find a design for everyday and night.

MONET "Comfort" Friction Clip Back

The other style of clip back that I have found great success with, is the Standard Clip. Many brands/designers have used this style over the years. Not all have the same comfort levels; Avon is a brand that I have found to be very comfortable. Napier also do this style well with the addition of a screw for added adjustment and security.

Standard Clip (this one is Avon)

Standard Clip with Screwback (this one is Napier)

2. Adjust Your Clip Backs

Yes!!! You can and you should adjust the tension on your Clip Backs. I have come across some helpful YouTube clips that show you how to adjust the different style clip backs using different tools such as pliers, screwdrivers and even a kitchen fork. However, undoubtedly the best tool I found is the Comfort/Tension Key Adjuster designed specifically for the Traditional Clip Backs. Users swear by this little instrument, some opting to keep one handy in their purse for use as the need arises. The specially designed Key allows you to tighten or loosen the clips.

With any of the methods you choose to use, just be mindful to take it slow and adjust in very small increments, testing as you go so you don't over-tighten or make too loose. You don't want to snap any part of the metal. If in doubt, you can take them to a jeweller to be adjusted (note, many jewellers will simply use the Tension Key or similar).

After an extensive Online search for this Tension/Comfort Key, I was only able to find one supplier within Australia, so I thought I would share it with you. Alyssum Jewellery stock these little babies as well as a large range of Clip On earrings. For those outside Australia, Alyssum Jewellery also offer International Shipping if you are having trouble locating one in your area. Click here to purchase.

3. Soften the Blow

There are a variety of cushions available to assist in the comfort levels of your clip earrings. Refer below for examples. These cushions can all assist in the comfort of your clips, and some are better than others; however it's important to note that if the tension on your clips is too tight, the cushion is not going to make a huge difference to your comfort level. Again, it can come down to personal preference.

The additional benefit of a cushion is that they can provide added friction to keep the earring on your ear.

Small button Pad for Traditional Paddle Backs; usually made of Plastic, Silicone or Rubber.

Cushion sleeves for Paddle and Spoon Backs; usually made of Foam or Latex.

Silicone Sleeves for Standard Clips or Clip Converters; usually made with Plastic.

Adhesive backed cushions for use on most styles particularly Traditional Clips; made of Foam.

If you have any tips on how to make the Clip Back earring a little more comfortable to wear please comment below; I'm sure all readers would be grateful. Thank you.

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