How to Flatter Your Face with the Right Earring

Posted on 10 March 2016Earrings Style tip How to

With so many styles, shapes and stones to choose from, one would think that choosing an earring for every occasion would be easy, right? The truth is, you can get it so wrong if you are more interested in dressing to suit the latest fashion trends as opposed to dressing to suit your shape. Yes, when it comes to styling Earrings, it is no different to styling the rest of your body; you must be aware of your shape and choose pieces that will accentuate your features.

Long Thin Face

Think : Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Beckinsale
Do : Wear medium to large sized earrings, clustered earrings, bold studs and wide hoops. These will all create the illusion of a wider face.
Don't : Wear long or narrow earrings.

Square Face

Think : Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde
Do : Wear earrings with rounded edges and elongated curves such as teardrops and ovals; hoops and dangling earrings that will work well against the cheekbones.
Don't : Wear any square shapes or overly round pieces as it will make the face look wider.

Heart/Diamond Face

Think : Reece Witherspoon, Jennifer Love-Hewitt / Rhianna, Scarlet Johansson
Do : Wear earrings that are wider at the bottom such as teardrops; elongated curves and lines, and chandelier styles.
Don't : Wear large button earrings or very delicate/small earrings. These will not create the balance you need for your face shape.

Round/Full Face

Think : Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Emma Stone
Do : Wear long, elongated, narrow and oval earrings; these will ensure you are not making the face appear wider.
Don't : Wear studs, wide hoops, short dangling earrings, large circular earrings or dangling discs.

Oval Face

Think : Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba
Do : Wear pretty much anything you want! Yes, you are blessed one's that would look good in almost every style. Teardrops work especially well, as well as studs and triangular shapes.

Size & Bone Structure

Of course the other thing to think about when styling, is the size of the earring, which must be relative to your structure. If you have a fine bone structure (your quite thin) go for your more delicate styles on the smaller size scale. A medium sized bone structure can opt for medium sized styles, and larger bone structures can really go for it with large statement pieces.

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