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Help your Bling Sing : How to Clean Costume Jewellery

Posted on 29 January 2016costume jewellery cleaning how to rhinestones simulated pearls vintage jewellery

Cleaning a piece of costume jewellery can take a little time (depending on the type of piece), but can be so worth it! Whether the piece is already in your personal collection or you are a seller looking to capitalise to the full potential of the piece, you will reap the rewards if you take the time, use the right tools (and I'm not talking about any...

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Collecting Costume Jewellery : What's in your collection?

Posted on 07 January 2016costume jewellery collecting jewellery vintage jewellery buying jewellery

As a collector of costume jewellery, I am always interested to learn about other peoples jewellery collections. Do you follow the trends or buy for investment? Do you dispose of it after a season or two or hold on to it indefinitely? Do you buy both fine and costume jewellery, which do you wear most and why?

In my early to mid-teens I...

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