5 Tips You Need to Know for Buying Valentine's Day Jewellery

Posted on 04 February 2016tips buying Valentines Day jewellery

So I'll be honest, my husband and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day, but I certainly don't begrudge anyone who does. Let's face it, if I was presented with a thoughtful gift on the day I would not be turning it down!

With so many gift options out there, and so many gents (and possibly ladies) scratching their heads wondering what on earth to get their loved ones, I thought I would share a few jewellery buying tips for those thinking about something sparkly.

The Number 1 Tip (and this is paramount)

If you are not already married and you DO NOT intend on proposing, DO NOT buy a Ring! This can only lead to disappointment and confusion. In addition to that, do not buy anything that is packaged in a Ring sized box; that's just cruel.

Tip 2 : The Answer Is Out There, Listen...

There is a fairly good chance that in the last week or so, or possibly this coming week, the answer will be given to you. Women love dropping hints for gifts, sometimes we are not even subtle about it as we know this does not help. So tip number 2 is to listen for those hints, as it can save you time and stress and you are almost certainly guaranteed success.

Tip 3 : Symbolism vs Traditional

When it come to gifts of the heart, nothing is better than receiving something thoughtful that has a meaning behind it, whether traditional or unique to your relationship. Some examples I love are :

The Trilogy Piece - Past, Present, Future

This is most often in the form of a Ring, however you can find Pendant Necklaces too (three stones in a row like a drop pendant).

The Circle Of Life - Life, Love and Family
I actually combined the 'Circle of Life' (as per the Earrings photographed below) and 'Trilogy' concept for my wedding jewellery, opting for a Triple Circle Pendant Necklace. Each circle makes the next stronger. I also thought the outer circle could represent my husband and I, and the inner two could represent the two children I hoped to have one day (and my wish came true). So when buying a gift, give thought to symbolism, what could it mean to you and your partner?

The more traditional..

The Heart
When shopping for Heart jewellery it is important that the design is complimentary to your partners age; some pendants are more sophisticated than others, don't buy something that looks like it should be on a little girls charm bracelet.

This signed GIVENCHY 3D Heart Toggle Necklace is the perfect modern gift that screams style; your partner will love it; shop for it here. For another statement piece, refer to the signed ERWIN PEARL Haute Couture Heart Pendant Necklace pictured at top of page; with its chunky matte gold chain sitting at 1" wide it is a far cry from the traditional whimsical pieces that are available. Shop for it here.

The Rose
Again, it's all about design. Look for something modern or abstract.

Signed ROSA FLORES Rose Charm Bracelet; shop for it here.

This signed ELIZABETH TAYLOR for Avon 1995 'Pave Crystal Rose Flower' Brooch; at almost 2 1/2" x 2", this dazzling rhinestone beauty commands attention (matching Earrings were also released in this series).

Tip 4 : The 4 C's
It really goes without saying that if you ARE going to pop the question and offer your partner a ring, do your homework. Firstly, refer back to Tip 2 :-) so much easier if she's told you the style she wants. If you don't know about Diamonds, read up, ask questions, look at as many as you need to , to get an idea of the quality for your price range. Shop around. And whilst I love vintage and pre-owned jewellery, only go down this route for an Engagement Ring if your partner has suggested it is a nice idea (ie. buying from an Estate jeweller) or if of course there is a Ring in the family. There can be mixed feelings on pre-owned wedding jewellery where it is unknown if the piece was the product of a happy marriage or perhaps cursed? Yikes.
So what are the 4 C's? Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. Google it, loads of information available, or have a reputable jeweller explain it to you.

Tip 5 : Treat Yourself
They say if you don't love yourself no one will. So why not treat yourself to something special. It feels so good adorning yourself in something you have had your eye on. I say go for it, you deserve it!

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